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project plan

PCP's general plan is to develop some 1,000 MW of solar power facilities in the next 3-5 years, a minimum 100 MW (DC) of qualified solar projects in the various states and countries that provide optimal financial and operating conditions for such renewable energy development and/or in which there is a "need" for power. Using USA general capital cost numbers, this minimum annual 100 MW (DC) target represents, at current prices, approx. $ 175-200 million USD of project capital expenditure annually, as many as 12-20 projects per year. 

Accordingly, PCP and its subsidiaries and affiliates have projects and joint ventures involving projects in Canada, the USA, the UK, and India, i.e. approximately 50, 50, 130, and 260 MW, respectively. Additional areas of interest include Sri Lanka, the Caribbean, and Colombia.

Founded and owned by its directors, PCP can qualify, plan, finance, install, commission, and directly manage solar facilities. PCP's experience in the solar industry started with its shareholder's involvement in the industry, both in design, manufacturing, and supply as well as project development. 

In collaboration with its business partners, PCP aims to be an investor, developer, EPC, and operator of renewable electricity generation facilities globally. PCP's management, together with its business partners, is engaged in renewable energy development internationally, including Canada, the USA, Southeast Asia, Europe, the Caribbean and Latin American Countries. PCP focuses on countries:

  • With attractive renewable energy regulation policies
  • Where the electricity rate is high
  • Where there is Feed-In-Tariff (FIT), Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), tax incentives, and/or green certificates
  • Where there is no grid or no reliable grid 

case study

  • Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania; USA•Natural Gas•5 Capstone C65 ICHP microturbines used in a CHP application
  • Capstone –designed integrated HRM on each microturbine
  • Remote monitoring allows real-time remote monitoring, alarming, and trouble shooting of the power plant via the internet•Each C65                produce 408,000 BTUs an hour
  • 83%  overall CHP efficiency
  • Less footprint with HRM mounted on the top
  • Low emission equivalent as removing 642 cars off the road or planting 1,000 acers of forest

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