​​AHTF® – A Game-Changing Heat Transfer Fluid Additive for the HVAC Industry

Polaris Capital Power introduces for the first time to the Canadian HVAC market AHTF® - Advanced Heat Transfer Fluid Solutions, a game-changing heat transfer fluid additive. Learn how this nanoparticle based technology is a “drop-in” solution that increases convective heat transfer in hydronic systems by up to 20% and eliminates the need for equipment over-sizing by 15-25% when using glycol.

Main business

​​“ONE STOP” Energy Consortium for the Development of Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Globally

Polaris Capital Power (“PCP”) is a renewable energy company formed by the founders of Polaris Capital Enterprises, Adelaide Solar Energy Inc., Constant Solar Energy Corporation, Sungrow Canada Inc. and HISEL Power Corporation. The Company is involved in solar PV, hydroelectric and biomass energy financing, development, design, engineering, manufacturing and provisioning.


  • ​​​​​Heat Transfer Fluid (AHTF)
  • Solar, Hydro, Biomass, Waste Energy and Battery Storage
  • LED Street Lighting Retrofit 
  • 2 Fuel Technology
  • ​Project Capital Investment and Finance 


PCP offers high quality, reliable, and affordable energy-efficient LED lights. We directly address the energy needs of various business and industrial segments through a systematic approach that begins with cost-effective energy conservation solutions. 

LED Lighting Retrofit